Monday, July 24, 2006

Return of the Self Portrait & Goals

I decided to take a self portrait again. Haven't done this in a while. I don't know why the eyes. I guess that's just what I feel like exposing of myself today.

I have been a little down about myself lately. Not loving my body. Not feeling pretty. Felt it was time I make some new goals & try to actually stick to them this time. I have been working out harder & actually feel a lot better about myself today. It's crazy how much better you feel when you're trying a little harder.

My goals are to eat a little less & move a little more. To actually try to exercise my problem areas (my upperbody & midsection). Also trying to maintain a little more order around the house. Be a better homemaker, I suppose. And I want to work on finishing projects & finding more time to express myself creatively.

I'm trying really hard to love my physical self. I'm fairly confident with myself as a person, just have never had a real love for my body. Something I don't want to pass on to Sadie. I want to love these lumps & bumps, which I should maybe refer to as "curves". Something I'll probably be working on for a while.


chanel said...

Hey you! I could have been the author of this blog, I HATE the blahs! Everything I wish I could tell you I am in the middle of talking myself into believing so I better wait until I got a real good line for ya. I really love that picture of you, I think you're so pretty! I think I am going to get my hair colored and cut adnI want to just take a picture of youadn say, "make me look like her", you always look so together, so finished, I love it!

Oh and I checked out that other blog yousaid you had been crazy about- it is a very very cool blog, but maybe thats whats got us down. I mean its not like we ever compare ourselves do we??? It would be awesome to be creative like her, but i don't think we're inthe same stage of life as she is.

Ok this has gottento long I better call ya!!! Been meaning to!

Robin said...

Oh, Candace. You sound like your mom! Love the picture of your eyes! They are beautiful (like the rest of you). Keep working at it, we are all a work in progress. I know you didn't post so everyone would tell you how beautiful you are (and you are, by the way), just keep working at finding that place where you are happy with yourself - warts and all.

Love ya bunches!

Amber said...

mom that sounded gross! Candace do you have warts??

I love that picture of your eyes! So pretty. It could be in a magazine! Stop being so hard on yourself. You are beautiful! Love ya!

Dylan said...

Ladies, thank you for saying what I've been shouting the last seven years. See Candcae, I'm not just saying that you're pretty because I'm married to you. Nanny nanny. Love ya - rdt

Candace said...

Oh you guys. I didn't want anybody to comment on this post. Just a cycle we all go through. Ups & downs. Just wanted to get my feelings down.

By the way....I think all of you are beautiful!

Heather said...

Just wanted to add an amen to the above comments. You are beautiful! Love you

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