Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So Cute

Sadie hasn't been a big lunch eater. Usually, she'd eat after her nap at around 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon, but I could never get her to eat much during the lunch hour. Today she came to me and said "mama, hunch." I asked her what she wanted for lunch and she said "honey". So I made her a peanut butter & honey sandwich, cut in half on the diagonal. Asked her if she wanted to sit at the table & she said "no. box." So she sat & ate her sandwich in this plastic container & played with a toy. I grabbed my camera because I thought it was just too cute.

I'm glad that Sadie's hair is growing, but a lot of times I just feel like it's real raggedy & there's still not much I can do with it. How pretty is it in this picture though? She just looks so soft. The shirt she's wearing we just bought for her at Old Navy. We saw it. It looked so much like Sadie. We just had to buy it. Horsie & pink! Two of Sadie's favorite things. Really it's a unicorn, but we'll just say it's a horse.

And then here's the girl talking to Maddy. I think she was telling the dog to stay away from her sandwich.

She's almost 2. She's bossy. She knows what she wants. She makes demands. She's still sweet & cute. Today she said "love you mama" just out of the blue. She's fun. And I could kiss & nibble her so so soft skin all day.

*Also, I feel like I haven't been taking as many photos as of late. I forgot how good it feels to open up the blinds, let the light in & just start snapping. I've been thinking that I need to start a photo a day again.


Michelle said...

She's at such a cute age! That's so good that you let her sit in the box and eat her lunch because you knew it made her happy instead of making her sit at the table.

chanel said...

aww, this is a very sweet blog! I LOVE that little girl! Its so cool how certain things just scream their name, like horsies with Sadie. Gotta love that 2 year old rage, strong little spirits they are!!!

Amber said...

She looks just like you in that first picture! So cute!

Dylan said...

Great pictures. Sad I missed out on that cute little moment. You guys are great. Also, I think Photo-A-Day sounds like a great idea, my little shutterbug. Love ya - rdt

Ipuna said...

I loved that blog. So sweet. Great pictures!

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