Tuesday, July 11, 2006


* Last night was Dylan's turn to plan Family Home Evening. He decided we should put pictures in this frame that we've had for quite a while. So here's the finished product. Pictures & a little bit of patterned paper from my scrapbook supply. We hung it right by the front door. I LOVE it!!! It's us. and it makes me really happy right now.

While looking through the photos trying to chose a few to put in the frame, I got a little choked up. I think I said to Dylan...."we are so happy!" I know that already. It's just so cool to see that in all the pictures that I love so much. So much happiness & fun & love for each other as just the overall theme in our photos.

* Dylan & I went on a date last Saturday night. It's been a little while & it was so much FUN! We had dinner at the Pineapple Grill (which has become our favorite little restaurant in town) & then saw Nacho Libre. We loved the movie...laughed through the entire thing. As always, it was so much fun to have some time together.

* I have School House Rock songs in my head. That is the netflix movie Sadie has had for the past week or so. It's going back today.

* Sadie is getting worse with fighting going to sleep. She's now doing it at night as well. Yesterday she didn't take a nap at all. She reached her breaking point at 5:30 at the dinner table & started falling asleep in her chair. I got her out & let her sleep for 20 minutes, then woke her up & put her in the tub. We started trying to put her to bed at 8:00 & she finally fell asleep at 10:00, after screaming FOREVER....stuff like....piggy back ride....color.....change diaper. Twice I had to go in & put her pajamas back on, and once her diaper back on. Finally we took her in the car for a ride. Girl was a wreck & needless to say, so was I. She's making up for it today. She's already been napping for 2 hours & I can't believe it.....but I'm missing her. She needs to wake up already.

* We went down to Target today. 30 miles down to Idaho Falls & back just to go to Target, but Dylan could tell I needed some time out of the house. We got the necessities....diapers (yes. holding off on potty training at the moment), deodorant, ziploc bags & what not. Then just looked around. We have so much fun just looking. Target has so much stuff that is just cool. And why are fresh school supplies so exciting?!

Anyway.....that is the stuff of right now. Making barbecue chicken tonight & pasta salad. Looking forward to it!


Michelle said...

I love reading your blogs. I had to laugh about Sadie. She's creative. Piggy back rides.... Avry usually only cries for water when she can't sleep.

chanel said...

Oh man school supplies ARE way exciting, you're right! Glad you and Dylan had some time to hang out, sounds like a lot of fun! I gotta call ya....

Amber said...

I love that picture frame & the idea with scrap papers! It turned out really cute. I am sorry about Sadie. I am sure it is just a stage she is going through. But you don't care to hear that right? She is just so cute I don't believe she takes all her clothes off. Did you used to do that??

Ipuna said...

I remember those days with Kobi. He always said he was thirsty like Avry. He still tries to be sneaky. Xayla is a real good sleeper right now. I hope it lasts.
I love your picture frame and pictures!

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