Thursday, August 17, 2006

Some Randomness From Me Today

So, I have a new calling. 2nd Counselor in the primary presidency. I'm over the primary program in sacrament meeting & I'm a little nervous. We have our first presidency meeting in a couple hours. Hoping all goes well.

I'm addicted to blogs. It's true. Decided that every now & then I might share a few that are making me happy. One worth checking out is Simply Recipes. I'm trying her Chipotle Bean Tostadas tonight complete with refried beans from scratch. Her photos are beautiful & it totally makes me want to cook & feel like I'm a Food Network TV star or a domestic goddess.

Fall is in the air. I don't know how to feel about this. It's true that I love the fall. It is my very most favorite season. Just think orange & browns & pumpkins & sweaters & apple crisp. The air is crisp & it's blowing through the windows & it's just so pleasant. I just made a batch of strawberry jam. Stocking up my freezer. I'm just a little sad to see the summer go. I hope we actually get in one camping trip in the next few weeks.


ColoradoCoolCats said...

Ok, glad to hear you think fall is in the air too- I thought I was being werid! I can so feel it too, not use to that in AUGUST!!! I made jam to stock up on too! We're so in sync I love it. DON'T STRESS th eprogram, as far as I have perceived over the past few years, primary programs are not that spectaular. Everyone just wants to see their kid in front of the microphone, and everyone else just wants some kid to be naughty so we all get a good laugh! DON'T STRESS IT! AND don't underestimate your talents, Im sure you'll come up with something excellent and creative (you always do!)- but NO PRESSURE!

Ipuna said...

Come to Vegas. We will not see Fall for several more months. It is still VERY hot.

I just need you help. I can't make bread for anything. I tried your recipe, and I messed it up as well. I hard flat bread. I thought I did everything right. I wonder if I have bad yeast or something. It is not expired. I have not made a good loaf of bread yet. Even in the breadmaker. Any suggestions? Please call me 702-326-5624, so we can talk about bread making. KC wants some good bread. Thanks!

Ipuna said...

Oh, I think you will do great in your new calling!

kellymccaleb said...

we are always so on the same wavelength, it's weird. i was going to blog about the fall today and i was googling this morning looking for good recipe blogs! weird!

Heather said...

I am a blog addict as well. Such good reading. I have enjoyed the blogs you have suggested. Keep em coming. You lucky dogs getting fall weather already. I love the fall as well(colors, weather, food)...must have something to do with our birthdays.

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