Monday, August 07, 2006

Sun + Sand + Water = Tired Baby (& Momma)

Sadie & I went with DeeAnn, Meg & Annie to Rigby Lake today. We had a great time. I loved this picture...even with the little blobs of mud on her & all. She really is quite a cutie in her bathing suit, I think.

Seems like we've been keeping really busy around here, but it feels like we haven't really accomplished anything of importance.

I baked bread yesterday & I must say that it turned out wonderfully. A big hit! So, this is the beginning of homemade wheat bread that I plan on making every week for all our bread needs (toast & sandwiches). There is something really cool about throwing all these ingredients together & making something so yummy. Something so basic & fresh & natural.

I'm trying to make more from scratch. Trying to lower our intake of all the crap that is put in the convenience foods that we've gotten so used to. Tonight I made meatballs, which didn't take much time at all & they tasted fabulous. So much better than a bag of frozen ones ever could. I got a recipe for refried beans from scratch as well....excited to try those on tostadas for a meat free dinner. Okay.....I'm on a crazy, eat healthier kick here. Can you tell?


Heather said...

How pretty is that lake. The picture of Sadie is adorable. GLad you had such luck with your bread. I can't seem to ever get it right. You have inspired me to try again.

Ipuna said...

How did you make the bread? I mess everything up. Even in the bread maker. I think I wasn't meant to make bread. I love homemade bread, and I wish I could make it.

Michelle said...

Sadie looks like such a big girl! So pretty. Can you share your bread recipe? You're inspiring me to give it a try.

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