Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nothing Sweeter

Than to be handed a pink frosted heart shaped cookie from out of the Cookie Parade bag. (I wonder what animal it was supposed to be) Anyway, just confirming that I have the coolest husband & that he's super sweet! Of course the freak that I am......had to take a photo before I could eat it.

So Sadie

This is MY kid!

Friday, September 15, 2006

I Never...

I never, ever in my life have felt like I fit in with the "cool" people. But that's alright cause he never did either. And I think that he's THE coolest person in the world. And mighty cute! (He might not like his squinty-ness in this photo, but I think it's cute. We are VERY white people after all. The sunlight is hard for us to take) Anyway, back to the topic at hand.....thanks for loving me enough to take care of me Dylan. You're my best friend & I love you more than anything!

So, I went to the doctor. I'm 9 weeks pregnant. Everything looks well with the baby. I was SO happy to see the little gummy bear on the ultrasound & very surprised at how much it actually does look like a baby already. Something changed in me when I saw it. I remembered why I said I would go though all the sickness crap a million more times. There's a baby inside me!!!!! It also was very cool to hear the doctor referring to it as "your baby". I know I've been through this before but it is still so amazing to me. So unbelievably cool! I'm a mama again & I'm excited.

So, about 4 more weeks of feeling like least, could be longer. The good new is that I am doing just tons better than I did with Sadie. I'm keeping food down & getting out of the house every now & then. Oh yeah! I'm getting a bath each day. That's huge.

Chocolate milk is making me happy. Oh, and I already think that this baby is adorable....cause it's so easy to see on your 9 week ultrasound. :)

Friday, September 01, 2006

So I Won't Actually Say It....

not on this blog. A little paranoid I guess, but you all know what's going on with me, or can figure it out pretty easily. I don't want to actually say it (or rather type it out) until I've gone to the doctor. Which I really should do soon....but, they draw blood you know. Hmm.....

Anyway. I've been feeling crummy....but I'm still doing well & I wanted to make a list of all the things that are making me happy, so I can stay in that positive mindset. SO...

Right Now I'm Loving.....

* naps.....every stinkin' day (just hard to wake up from them).
* The cool autumn air outside. I had to wear a hoodie yesterday & that's just fine with me. The fresh air makes me feel so much better.
* A Dairy Queen chocolate milkshake for lunch today, cause that's just what sounded good.
* Lots of duties to keep me busy & keep my mind off of myself (family, church, upcoming babysitting job)
* not cooking dinner. Frozen dinners or eating out & a family that's okay with it, at least for now. Smells = no good.
* A new haircut! Well not new....just cut.
* A doggy (Maddy) who is somehow very aware of the change around here & lays on the ground by my side of the bed each night instead of Dylan's. Kinda sweet.
* A little girl that is okay with laying down & reading books w/ me in the morning until I feel well & seems to have adjusted the change quickly.
* A husband who loves me & still tells me I'm pretty even though I'm pale & constantly have bedhead. Who helps so much w/ Sadie & with chores around the house. Who brings me water & pretzels in bed & so much more.

On another note. Sadie's second birthday is in a week. I almost bought her these boots at Target a few days ago. Even knowing that she would want to wear them EVERYWHERE! They didn't have her size....hmm.

We're going to Yellowstone tomorrow for a day trip. Hope to have some photos to post later.
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