Friday, November 10, 2006


Sadie is really into books right now. She loves to sit on our laps while we read to her & as soon as the book is over she says "again". Well, sometimes she says "amen" instead of "the end".

We are big fans of Mo Willems around here. Ever since Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. Dylan also bought me Knuffle Bunny for one of my birthdays & Sadie is quite fond of it also. We just checked out Leonardo, the Terrible Monster from the library. Sadie loves it.

Just bought this one that came in the mail today. It's cute. Sadie's pretty interested in it & I'm hoping it gets her more interested in potty training.

So, I'm thinking Santa may need to bring some books to Sadie this year. Any suggestions? What books do/did your kids just love @ this age?


Anonymous said...

So cool! Everytime I see a MO Williams book I think of you guys! Walmart has some, I was shocked, good price though. I will think about the suggestions for ya. And it makes me smile about the amen at the end of a story, Julia always said that too. Cracks me up!!!

Heather said...

"That's Not my Dragon" is Kade's MOST favorite book. It is so cute. It is a touchy feely book and he has it memorized. ANyway I did a search and they have all kinds of titles. Planning on getting some more for Kade for Christmas. The website is or I got the titles and then did an amazon search. Found them much cheaper.

Amber said...

My boys don't have any favorites! Carson will always pick Hansel & Gretel book though.
And during sacrament meeting he will sit on my lap with a book and say "talk" really loud. Does not like me to whisper in his ear!

Good luck with potty training!

Michelle said...

The two books that Avry loves are Goodnight Moon and Brown Bear. She likes how they're so repetitive. I'll have to check out that author.

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