Friday, November 17, 2006

I Am Getting Stuff Done Today....

Even if my hair's not done yet.

*Ordered photos from Snapfish for holiday crafting & etc.
*Working on the laundry. Even folding it when it comes right out of the dryer. Love Sadie climbing into the pile and saying "hot!"
*Picking up all toys. And I mean ALL. Nothing got picked up yesterday.
*Sweeping the floors & vacuuming. Getting rid of all the Maddy hair. At least for a couple days.
*I have a few primary duties that I have yet to get to, but I will.
*and of course I've been surfing the internet with our wonderful new high-speed connection. In doing so I found a new blog. Check it out here. She has a link to the pattern for the cool paper star ornaments she made & also shows a tutorial for her cookie sheet advent calendar. Thought some of you girls might be interested, Heather?


Anonymous said...

hey loved that link- how do you find these people?? soo cool!
did you acomplish your list? that was quite the goals! with company coming i am going overboard with cleaning, but it must be done and it feels oh so great when its done, until of course julia or lauren find some crazy kid way to destroy my hard work in a matter of seconds!

Anonymous said...


Candace said...

Yes, Amber had the baby. He is a healthy 10 lbs. 1 oz. baby boy. 22 inches long & he's supposed to be super, super cute.

Heather said...

That site is cool....I'm feeling a project coming on with the kids being out on track break. Maybe we'll get it done.

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