Monday, November 06, 2006

Something Amazing

The so called scrapbooker actually completes a layout. It's nothing spectacular, and with being so out of practice I found myself, as Dylan puts it, "agonizing" over even such a simple page. But, I love these photos from Halloween last year & I think that 8-1/2 x 11 may be my new page size.

Dylan & found ourselves talking about all the stuff we want to make for Christmas. I guess we both have the holiday crafting bug. For his sake maybe I should say "creating" bug. We all know that he's the artist & I'm the crafter. That's a joke. Anyway, We've both got some really fun stuff in mind. I only hope that we can actually see the projects through.
Stopped at DI on Friday night & I picked up these trims in the sewing notions area. Thought they were pretty & cool & I hope to use them on some scrapbook layouts.


your bud said...

yay!!! you have got to take time and do some stuff for yourself! I feel guilty like Lauren's book took away your own scrapbook page time. But I still love my book and am so thankful you did that for me! sadie is so adorable!
Im excited about a christmas project I have in mind FOR YOU! Yay! Making Christmas gifts rock!

Michelle said...

I love your scrap book pages! I like how you journaled with white on black paper. What did you use to write with?

Anonymous said...

Love that page. I'm really glad you got a chance to do something creative after being down & out for so long. And as far as "craft projects," go - don't worry: mine'll get done. Yours... well, we'll see.

OH YES I DID! - rdt

Candace said...

Michelle - I just used a white gel pen to write on the black cardstock.

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