Thursday, November 02, 2006

This & That

We had a fun Halloween. Best part about it was that we were all together as a family for all the festivities. We love so much that Sadie has a thing for pumpkins, cause Dylan & I do too. One thing I've never had to deal with before is the days after Halloween. I'm constantly hearing, "candy, mom?" from Sadie. I closed it up in the cupboard & she still knows it's there.

We started working on potty training. Sadie had been asking for a few days & I'm finally feeling well enough to deal with it, so we went for it. Didn't get too far. After peeing in her panties right after getting off the potty a few times she decided that she wanted her diaper back on. We've had a little more success today. She went on the potty once, but I'm not sure that she relieved herself totally & then her panties were wet almost immediately. I think it's going to be a slow process with this first one. Especially with her personality. She gets upset so easily when she's not in control & I really want it to be a good experience for her. Don't want it to constantly be a yelling match between the two of us, so I'm basically letting her make her own choices. At least for this first little bit, until she starts to understand how to control her body.

I swear I just did laundry the other day. ALL of it. So why does it look like THIS so soon after? Anyway, perhaps this can be a "Corners of My Home" photo. Just had the urge to photograph it last night. A little documentation....a glimpse of a part of this apartment we're living in for now.

And here's a shot of Sadie in the tub. Just liked it a lot. I've been taking photos on the fully automatic setting with the flash disabled. Feel like I don't know what I'm doing with my camera anymore. I need to spend some time with it & right now I'm just too tired.

Going along with being tired....I claim to be a scrapbooker, yet I NEVER scrapbook. I'm wanting to bad to do it right now, I just never have the time or energy.

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Heather said...

LOVE that tubbie shot. Sadie is beautiful. I hear you on the is never ending. I never ever have a handle on it.

I've been busy this week, mailing those clothes is on my list for tomorrow.

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