Friday, November 24, 2006

Welcome Christmas Season

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving over at the Stoddard's home. I forgot to bring my camera, so not one photo taken yesterday. Oh well.

I went out shopping this morning & ended up coming back with NOTHING. It was very frustrating. We got too late of a start. We've been talking for months now about buying a portable DVD player (for car trips only) at the after Thanksgiving sales. So we came up empty. BUT we've found one online for a great price & all will be good. It's not fun being out there with all those people. I came home feeling so moody. Glad I decided to set up the nativity. I felt so much better & could relax. I love my nativity set. I love the size of it & I just think it's so pretty, but one thing I love the most is that Mary can hold the baby. I just think that's so special.

I've been wanting to replace the simple little stable for a few years now & almost bought a more substantial one a few weeks ago, but decided that this is just not the year. It will have to wait one or two more years. Even that small amount of money can be used somewhere else.

So, I'm very happy to welcome the Christmas season. Trying to keep it simple! I cannot believe my out of control urge to want to buy EVERYTHING for Sadie. So not cool.


Anonymous said...


I'm so excited, too. So glad that you are the recipient of my X-mas gifts this year! I've already thought of a few COOL things for you.


Anonymous said...

im out of control too! i had way good luck on friday- NOT COOL!
lauren isi sick again, we were at the er this morning, but they only say its a virus. Im very frustrated! Poor babe is so miserable. This is scary.

ANyway, love that nativity. Julia is so into baby Jesus its precious.

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