Monday, December 11, 2006

Is It Wise?.....

to publicly journal when you're feeling very emotional & moody? Oh well, here I go. I've been feeling a little down from some of the reactions from people upon finding out the sex of our new baby. Not from all of you guys, who support me so much & make me feel so good all the time. Thanks by the way for being such good friends...even the few of you that I've never met in person. You guys are the best. Anyway, there were months when I cried & felt so sad that this little baby wasn't coming sooner. We loved her & wanted her so very badly, even before we knew she'd be a girl. I feel so strongly that we are placed in certain families & even in the order we are by our Heavenly Father...for so many reasons that maybe we'll one day be able to understand. I guess I've been offended. On a personal level & on a spiritual one as well. Why can't I just let it go? There are many times in my life when I have to forget everything beyond my family. My family meaning: Me, Dylan & our kids. This is one of those times. Asking Heavenly Father to help me be more humble. Thanking Him for all of my blessings. Thanking Him for 2 girls in a row. Thanking Him for the opportunity to be a parent which helps me grow closer to Him & helps me to understand the plan of salvation even more.

Maybe laying a few of my feelings out there will help me to feel better. I do get mad at myself that I let things bother me so....but I'm a sensitive one. There's no denying that.


kellymccaleb said...

awwwww. i understand, i'm a sensitive girl too. it's one of those weaknesses that had to be given us from HF as it forces to him in prayer often, does it not? he's smart isn't he?
ps- LOVE the ornaments!

Anonymous said...

I know who, what, and how your talking, and you have every right to put it out there! Remember when my "family member" told Ryan "aww WE were hoping for a boy" when he told her lauren would be a girl AFTER being told we would NEVER have a baby!!!! "Family memebers" are sooo short sighted sometimes! You're so good to turn to HF and your faith to get past this, its hard stuff when you're dealing with the things you love most in this world. I love you and it is sooo kind of HF to give us both "family members" that help us relate to each other.
GIRLS ROCK, we're sooo blessed to have two in a row- heck Im praying for THREE in a row!!!!

Amber said...

Candace you are such a stong loving person & example to me! I am so happy you are having another girl. I think Heavenly Father knows what is best for us & the families that he has given us! I know for sure you are having another girl for a reason. Just like I know I had three boys in a row for a reason!

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