Saturday, December 09, 2006

It's A Girl!

We're thrilled. Couldn't be more excited. It will be interesting to meet this little one and get to know her personality. I love the thought of having two girls. My mom's first two were both girls (first one born in the fall & second in the spring as well). I always thought it was cool how those two were such great helpers to my mom.

Ultrasounds are such an amazing thing. I loved getting a peek at the baby. Seeing her heart beating, her spine, brain, little legs & hands & fingers. Loved seeing her suck her thumb & open & close her mouth. SO CUTE! I wanted to hold her already. The straight on face shot still freaks me out though. Looks like an alien.

Anyway, I am so very tired right now & so very emotional. My list of things to do isn't getting any shorter either. I'm thankful for this little baby girl. I felt this way about Sadie & I feel the same about her...I know that she is who is supposed to come to our family next. So thankful to Heavenly Father for blessing us with these cute kids. Happy to know that Sadie will have a sister. Sisters are great & I love all of mine.


Michelle said...

I'm so excited for you too! I couldn't imagine life without my sisters. Two girls will be so fun.

I kept checking your blog waiting to hear the news. When are you due?

I like the baby updates. Keep them coming. :)

CHANEL said...

so much to look forward to! I told ryan now he can commiserate with Dylan when he is feeling an estrogen overload.

Caitlin said...

Congratulations! I am so excited that Sadie is going to have a sister! Does she have anything to say about all this?

ashley said...

yea!!!!! that is awesome!!! just knowing that all is well is so comforting!
so funny that we both are having girls, both had our first girls in fall and second in spring- which makes sharing clothes hard with the different seasons i just realized!
our lil girl is due april 30- they will be so close- how fun to blog about them!

kellymccaleb said...

so so so so so sos ososososososo happy for you!! how awesome!

Heather said...

Lauren is SO JEALOUS!!!But SO EXCITED to have another girl cousin...she asked if we could adopt a sister.

Amber said...

Yeah for you! I am so very exited! I am glad someone is bringing some girls to this family!

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