Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sad But True

I am a mother who rocks her 2 year old to sleep. It wasn't always like this. Sadie has been really good at going to sleep on her own for a long time. However, since she has started crawling out of her bed over & over & over and we keep putting her back in & then the crying starts & never stops & then it's been over an hour & the girl is still not asleep, I have resorted to rocking her. Now keep in mind that we don't have a rocking chair. No space for one. So rocking my child means me standing up, holding her over my shoulder & swaying back & forth. This has always been the way we've done it & it's been fine, but it's starting to get a little difficult as my belly grows & as Sadie grows. So I am her crutch, helping her get to sleep. It's sad but true....sometimes this child rules over us. How long this can last, I don't know.

On another note: Hooray for a removable, washable cover on our Ikea sofa. We washed that last night & I'm so pleased. Goodbye fruit snack drool & smashed in goldfish crumbs.


Anonymous said...

Dude- WHATEVER it takes! Im with ya. I think Lauren is going to be just like Sadie- climbing out, crying forever. I was spoiled with jUlia.
That pict is a trip! Julia saw it and said, "she looks mean". HA!

Heather said...

Oh my gosh...that photo is perfect. Sadie with attitude. I am way too much of a push over. Steve and I were just having this conversation last night as we were putting all 4 of our kids to bed at 10 p.m. It is seriously exhausting! There is something that happens when the kids can get out of their beds. Kade used to sleep like a he can get up and we all sleep like crap. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

The following phrase always helps me when there is a piece of the puzzle that doesn't quite fit:

"The obstacle is the path" - Zen Proverb

It reminds me that everyday is different and unique. That tomorrow will bring change and growth. Like, now that Dylan is almost done with school he can assure the rocking while you are with child. Hopefully. Otherwise, you may have to consider a back-brace with belly cut out.

We said it once, We'll say it again... Sadie's a very lucky girl to have such a great mommy. Would you like to adopt us?

WE <3 U!

B & J. Todd

Anonymous said...

Insert assume instead of assure. dang.

ashley said...

first- love your stalkings. we had knit ones and did the orange thing- santa just left them filled on the ground so that they didn't get ruined.
second-go ahead and rock- how long will you be able to just hold your baby?
third- i have the same fears about growing belly and holding baby- seems like in a few months it will be really hard, but i am sure it all works out! and what happens when kid #1 is jealous of #2, hope that just works it's self out too!

Amber said...

I can't really say much about the night time routine/bedtime because my kids (both Tanner & Carson) sleep on the couch.
We are going to run out of room soon!!

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