Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sadie Go Potty!

These are my favorite words right now. It's what Sadie says when she needs to go. She's doing so well with potty training. It's just amazing. I think that all my happiness with her wearing panties & keeping them dry is making me handle her new no nap taking self a little better. It's just not worth the fight everyday, even though she is one big crank in the evening. Hoping one day here soon she'll get so tired she'll just ask to take a nap. She still hasn't grasped the poo poo thing yet. Trying to get her to understand that it goes in the toilet too. It will be a super good day when we cross that bridge.

I ordered this dress & it came in the mail today. Sadie had to put it right on. She loves dresses & skirts. She's a funny girl. We are getting used to living with a little girl. Don't know where my baby went.

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Anonymous said...

wow! every picture she's bigger! love the hair! way to go ont he potty!!! yahoooo!!!

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