Saturday, January 13, 2007

Baby it's Cold Outside

So this is what says the temperature is right now. I don't know how correct this is. What I do know is it's dang cold out there.

Our kitchen pipes froze the other night & I haven't done dishes yet. Sorry for the disgusting picture but here's what I have to finally get down to dealing with today. Hauling water from the bathroom so I can wash this mess of dishes. The bummer of it is that the cold temps are supposed to hang around for a few more days & I don't think it will get warm enough for the pipes to unfreeze until the middle of next week. I hate this crap.


ashley said...

oh my heart goes out to you, frozen pipes!!!! we are having some record breaking highs right now, but i am sure we will get it soon!

Ipuna said...

I guess there are positives to living in Vegas :) I thought it was freezing today at 39-40 degrees. Brrr :)

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