Monday, January 29, 2007

Caring For the Earth

Lately for family home evening we've been pulling a picture out of the Gospel Art Picture Kit & reading the back of it. Quick. Easy. Just long enough for Sadie. Last week we pulled out this picture of the earth & read the following:

"Because this world was created for our benefit, we enjoy many things on it, but we also have a responsibility to care for the earth and the people who live here with us. The Lord has taught us that 'the earth is full, and there is enough and to spare.' Our earthly blessings are great, but we all have stewardships that we will be held accountable for."

In caring for the earth, I have made a decision about what my next lifestyle change to help the environment will be.

Dylan & I have decided to eat less meat. Specifically red meat. We initially started this with the new year for health reasons alone. After reading up on it, I was really quite shocked at just how much our consumption of meat does play a part in the world around us.

The CIWF website is a great source of information. Very eye opening. A few points that stood out to me:

Human health: Alongside the increased consumption of animal fats are disturbing rates of obesity, heart disease and adult-onset diabetes. In order to reduce the risk from these diseases, all informed opinion now stresses the desirability of reduced consumption of animal products and increased intake of fresh fruit, vegetables and fibre-rich carbohydrates.

Environmental impact:
The unsustainably large livestock population is having a devastating effect on our environment. A major contributor to global warming, livestock herds account for 10% of all greenhouse gases, including 25% of all methane emissions. In addition, the sheer volume of waste generated by the farm animal population, together with the excessive use of fertilisers to grow their feed, causes high levels of ammonia and nitrate pollution of land, water and air.

Global food security:
Much of the earth’s arable land is now being used to grow feed crops for intensively farmed animals rather than for people.
Placing animal products at the centre of food policy greatly diminishes the possibility of feeding the world’s human population. Rather than using vast areas of land to grow crops for animal feed, more food can be obtained by using land to grow crops for direct human consumption. is also a great resource. The plan in our home is to eat red meat only once a week, and to try to have as many meatless meals as possible. So tonight's dinner of grilled cheese & tomato soup was a good choice!

If you have any good recipes that will support our new choice, feel free to send them along. We'd love the help.


Ipuna said...

I like your family home evening idea. This eliminates my excuse that I do not have time to plan a lesson!

Thanks for all of the healthy info. A lot of research, huh!

ashley said...

makes me feel good about having a vegitarian night a few nights a week...way to do your research!
i have a really really good recipie for spinach soup- it is posted on my recipie blog, that i think you should be able to get to from the links on my blog, i will go add it right now if you can't.
also, i love to do bean and cheese burritos all of the time, no meat and super yummy!

ColoradoCoolCats said...

kraft magazine has AWESOME fettuchini alfredo- yea I do NOT know how to spell fettucini-oh maybe thats how??? anyway you get that inthe mail still right?

ColoradoCoolCats said...

I love this eatlessmeat website THANKS!! How inpsiring is it!!!! I want to eat more veg & fruit for sure. We already are pretty low red meat eaters since I will only buy hormone free meat and it is mega expensive. we eat chik like crazy though. HONESTLY TOFU is not bad, try it in fried rice for starters, I can tell ya how I do it if you want. You're awesome! love your dedication!

Candace said...

Thanks're always so helpful. I love bean & cheese burritos too, Ashley. We already had those on the menu for this week.

Anonymous said...

This is silly, but I am crying after reading this blog! I'm sooo happy that you are willing to take that step.

I have like a gazillion recipes I'd love to send you!

Also a good source for some interesting recipes is I'm not a big fan of tofu (funny, coming from a vegetarian), but their Jamaican Jerk Tofu is awesome and they have some yummy cajun red beans and rice that go great with the tofu. More to come via your e-mail which I will get from Bry!

-J. Todd

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