Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Do It Myself

I hear this all day long from Sadie. Yesterday when I did something she wanted to do on her own, she said to me in a stern voice, "No do it yourself! Do it myself!"

It has been very, very, very difficult to get her to wear her glasses.

She talks nonstop. She talked all through sacrament meeting last Sunday & she doesn't know how to whisper...or she chooses not to.

She is a crazy ball of energy. She runs & jumps & dances through the house all day long & then konks out at night. Or she falls asleep at the table eating an oreo, which she calls "daddy cookies", and then drools black oreo drool on her pillow when I move her to her bed.

She loves wearing her snow boots out. Part of me wishes that I was 2 years old & could get away with wearing princess, light-up snow boots out to run errands.

She is such a big girl. I can't believe that in just a few months she won't be the baby anymore. I know it will be a little while, until the baby is out of the newborn stage, but I'm excited for her to have a little playmate.

**Oh, I forgot to mention this before, A lot of you asked to know the baby names that we are considering. We decided this time not to share those....sorry! It will be a nice surprise though, since we all know it's a girl already. Plus we're not 100% sure yet.


Amber said...

Whispering. That is a hard thing to teach kids. It is on the list with whistling & swinging without being pushed.

Michelle said...

Avry has always had so much energy too. Sacrament is still a challenge. Once she turned 3 she did mellow out a little. If Sadie is like that too then I guess that's one advantage of her getting bigger.

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