Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Few Random Thoughts

Just sharing a layout I did last night. Felt like I wanted to get something made...decided to scrapbook. I've been trying to get my time down on making layouts. Trying not to think about things too hard & just doing it. I love that the pictures tell the story here.

I finally got Christmas all put away yesterday. Well over a week into January. Pretty sad. We were out of town though, know. I was still pretty sad to take my tree down. Trying to figure out why I love that thing so much. I guess it's just because it's mine.

Thinking about starting a chore chart for Sadie. With things like: brush teeth, say prayers, pick up toys & wear glasses. Do you think 2 yrs. & 4 months old is too young for something like this?

My sister Heather posted last night about how she doesn't have many photos of herself. She decided that she's going to turn the camera over to somebody once a month for them to take a picture of her. I loved this reminder. I am not featured in our family snapshots very much at all. I'm going to try to do this as well. I need to be documented too. AND....I'll get a new pregnant shot soon. I have like no photos of when I was pregnant with Sadie. Told myself I'd be better this time. Haven't been doing very well with that.

Are you guys all feeling like you want to take a ton of stuff to DI like I am? It's the time of year, I know. I'll have to see what I can do.

Well, that's my randomness for today. Have a great day!


Feller Family said...

I think it is totally great that you want to start a chore chart for Sadie. The earlier you start with those things, the sooner they learn. If you get her into the routine, it will be a lot easier in a few years when you have more kids....just my opinion.

Amber said...

I agree! Sadie is such a smart girl & I think if she gets a reward at the end of the day (like a sticker) it might even make things easier w/ wearing her glasses!

Amber said...

oh yeah & i love that page! So simple! It makes me want to scrap!!!

Heather said...

Jealous of the scrap time! That page is way cute. Sadie can probably totally handle the chart. It's worth a try. That reminded me that I need to get back into chore chart mode. BTW Kade is my most responsible child. They are so happy to help at this age. He loves to clean with me and is the only one who puts his clothes in the hamper every night:)

Dylan said...

Just wanted to chime in to say the page is rad. I really like the stitching. Also, the bright blue is cool, as well.

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