Monday, January 08, 2007

For My True Love

Can you tell I missed blogging? Yet another post for today. I've been trying to wait until tomorrow, but I just can't get this out of my head. is my public love letter of sorts to Dylan.

5 Things I Love About R. Dylan Todd:

* He's fun! It's not normal for this one to be a downer, unless something is bothering him. I love that he is so fun-loving. Love that he likes comic books & robots & licorice & toys. Love that he doesn't want to ever completely lose the kid in him.

* Best mixtape/playlist maker. Dylan used to make me mixtapes when we were dating. Complete with handmade covers featuring his artwork. I love his love for music & how he keeps that present in our little corner of the world.

* He takes care of us. This guy works so hard to take care of our family...or as he would call us "his girls". We love him so much for that. Right now he is off unloading a semi-truck for a guy that he doesn't even know just because there is money involved & heaven know we can use it. Even though he just got off his shift from the GAP & hasn't been home yet. Even though he's been coming down with a cold.

* He's an artist! He sees the world with a creative eye. He feels the need to make stuff, to create stuff. I LOVE this about him. Love that he loves color & beauty & humor. All of this makes my life more beautiful & more happy.

* He's a looker. What can I say, my husband is a hottie! I'm still very attracted to him physically & imagine that I probably always will be.

"True love ain't that hard to find" - Ryan Adams

I won't put the next line of that song....hee hee. Anyway, I love you Dylan.....LOTS!


Anonymous said...

glad my husband could inspire you.
you're such a good wife!!!

Anonymous said...

Shucks, I'm blushing. Candace, you're a sweetie. I love ya and will do so forever & ever. You'r ethe best. - rdt

Anonymous said...

How cute!

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