Monday, January 08, 2007

Holiday Recap Part 2

On our drive over to Colorado, we were driving through a mountain range. It was just getting dark. Sadie was so adorable. Looking for the moon. We'd see it & then it'd duck behind the mountains again. She had like a 45 minute game of peekaboo with the moon. She'd say "Where'd the moon go?" "Oh! There's my moon". We thought it was so cute. Dylan would look at me & make his little face that means "I love her so much".
Chanel took us to a restaurant in downtown Denver for lunch.
The girls had a chance to play in the snow. This was Sadie's first time in her snow gear. She had fun making snowballs & throwing them at their dog Moby.

And the toy that won. Sadie's favorite Christmas gift. This cute little Tinkerbell dress-up dress from her Aunt Jacqueline & Uncle Bryan. In this photo she's wearing it with a pair of her Aunt Shannon's heels.


Amber said...

that picture of the moon is so cool! So sweet to write those sweet memories down like the look Dylan gave you. I know that look too!!
Glad you were able to go visit Chanel. Looks like the girls had fun!!

Anonymous said...

aww, I love those pictures!!! Email them to me!
did you see we commented on kelly's blog at the same time? weird! sorry dylan's sick- did you get anything? me and the girls have little colds- isn't it so fun sharing EVERYTHING!!! LOVE YA and MISS YA!!!

Candace said...

Yeah, that's funny that we said opposite things on her cutting her hair too. ha ha. I'm feeling okay. Sorry you guys are getting it. I'll e-mail those pictures to you.

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