Monday, January 08, 2007

Holiday Recap

Tradition in the Todd family is to go out looking at lights on Christmas Eve. While the family is gone, Santa comes to their house. They open all their gifts & do the whole shebang on Christmas Eve.
Sadie riding on the train with Grandpa Todd

This one makes me laugh. Dylan's face...too funny.
Dylan playing with his Holga
Sadie fell asleep in the car ride home from the lights & there was no waking her for gifts. No matter how much we wiggled her around, she was just a wet noodle. Christmas morning was so good. It was so quiet. Just me, Dyl, Sadie & my mom watching on. Sadie was SO SWEET. She'd say..."oooh" & "wooow" when she opened her presents. We'd say, "What is it?" & she'd say "sumpin's in here".

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Anonymous said...

Candace, You dont really know me, but I am Shon's wife! I love your blog! It is so cute. I love all the pics you take, you are so awesome at that. It really does inspire me to be better at my picture taking! Sounds like you guys had a great Holiday Season! Good luck with finding a job and moving, I know how annoying that is!!!

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