Saturday, January 06, 2007


Good to be home again. It really was wonderful to spend so much time with family. A good break from all the craziness that was happening around here from Thanksgiving until Christmas. It feels good to be here in this little apartment we call home. Just the three of us (plus the dog & unborn child). The craziness seems to have returned however in the list of things that need to be accomplished so that we can get back to normal around here. Today was all about unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping & preparing my sharing time lesson for tomorrow.

There are many more things on the list which include putting away all the Christmas stuff, working with Sadie on wearing her glasses and beginning to pack stuff up in hope of Dylan finding a job.

I've been thinking so much of resolutions. This time of year always puts me in an organizing mode. Wanting to get some order put in place. I made a resolution last year to journal more & decided that a blog was the way to go. I'm so happy with what this blog does for me. I take photos of things I probably never would have. I record events in our lives & the everyday as well. I share random thoughts & feelings that cross my mind. So cool.

Anyway, in going through my photos I thought these two were fun. The wings are from Dylan's graduation open house.


Heather said...

GLad you're home. It was nice to see you guys! Miss you already. Just wanted to tell you that there is a really cool site: that has awesome stuff for Primary. I use it a lot for FHE too.

Amber said...

I'm glad your guys are home! Good feeling. It was fun to see you guys!

Good luck to Dylan in finding a job!!

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