Tuesday, January 23, 2007


of her existence...

All the princess dress-up clothes hanging up to dry. These things get more use & more wear & tear than her normal clothes.

We had a crazy day yesterday. Sadie was doing so well wearing her glasses. She wore them for over 2 hours straight. That, my friends, is amazing! We left the house to run few errands. Stopped at the dollar store to pick up a make-up kit for her. Decided that we're going to give her a couple pieces of it each day that she does well with her glasses. Yesterday she got the lipstick. I have to get a photo of her with it, she loves it so much. She puts it on & then says "I feel pretty, Mom."

Anyway, then to Albertsons to shop for groceries. I went to pull Sadie out of her car seat & noticed that she'd peed her pants. Didn't have anything with me to change her into so I threw my purse back in the van & shut the door so we could go home & change. Then, I realized that my keys were in my purse & the doors had locked. Dang it!!! Had to call a locksmith. It was much more traumatic for me than for Sadie. Seems like every time I leave the house these days something crazy happens.


Caitlin said...

Oh, man. I hate locking the keys in the car! I do it all too often. I have my spare key in the car right now (so I can warm it up in the mornings) and it makes me a little nervous.

Robin said...

Don't you think this could be called a 'pregnant moment'. I know I always did the craziest things when I was pregnant! It's like your common sense flies out the window and the most insane things seem to make perfect sense to only you. Hang in there. btw, I'm glad the 'little rewards' thing is working. Love ya.

Amber said...

Yeah you can say pregnant moment!! But that probably is not as expensive moment like I had--putting diesel gas in my car!!!!!!! Oh well!

& I love the dresses. That is so Sadie. Maybe one day I will have that!

cbhoff said...

I am glad you are able to look at my blog. I love keeping up with yours. Brandt, by the way, got a hair cut during Christmas so it is quite a bit shorter than in that picture with braided hair.

I wanted to let you know that I have made that Chicken and Rice recipe about 10 times since you gave it to me. I love it, butter and all. I make it for people when they come over to eat and they love it too! I give you credit.

I have to admit that you are inspiring me to be more crafty. I told Brandt the other day that I want to be like you because you can sew and scrapbook like no other. You inspired Brandt's birthday present which I will post to my blog after Saturday.

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