Sunday, January 07, 2007


I love the reflection that occurs this time of year. The chance it gives us to look at ourselves & try to be better. I want to have two main resolutions this year.

The first is to focus more on the environment. Try harder to reuse, recycle & consume less. I think this is going to be great because I know there is a lot I need to learn & although I am only one person, I believe that the way that I live can make a difference.

SO....I am beginning this one by eliminating paper towels in our home. I found this fact: During the past 35 years, the amount of waste each person creates has almost doubled from 2.7 to 4.6 pounds per day. The most effective way to stop this trend is by preventing waste in the first place. I feel that paper towels are a huge waste. When rags & dish cloths can do the same job. I will keep you updated on other changes I make through the year. I figure one step at a time is a good way to go at this.

My second resolution is going to be a service project. I want to do something good for those in need. I have not figured out exactly what this project will be, but again I'll let you know when I get it figured out.

So, those are my two resolutions, but there are also a lot of things that I want to focus more on. They are:
*eating healthy
*keeping a house of order
*spiritual needs. Better scripture study & family home evening.

Goals are a good thing. Hope I can keep with these.

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Michelle said...

When I lived in New Zealand I learned a lot about protecting the environment. My host family rarely used paper towels, we hung our clothes to dry (even with all the rain and a working dryer in the house), we recycled more than we threw away and we were only allowed 1 large bag of trash a week. Americans overall are so wasteful. It's good you're going to make a diffference.
Don't worry about not calling when you were here. I know it gets crazy trying to spend time with everyone. Hopefully we'll get together next time.

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