Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sharing Some Love

I know it's a little early for this, but I had this craft idea in my mind & today Sadie & I executed it. So here's our Valentine's heart garland which is now hanging over our living room window. I'm quite happy with it. Happy with the time we got to spend together doing something & happy with the joy that it brought to Sadie. She has been staring up at it saying, "Sadie made that!". So cute. I hope that she does follow in her mom & dad's footsteps (and grandparents) and enjoys making things with her own two hands.

I've been feeling a little lost & frustrated with trying to get her to wear her glasses. Talked with an expert this morning, a mother of 8 children, my momma. She gave me the most wonderful & helpful ideas, so it's time to get to work on them. And, why on earth does it have to be this head-strong child that needs to wear glasses. Such a struggle, but we'll get through it. Caught her with them on yesterday, dancing on the table with her baby doll.

She said a funny thing last night that I didn't want to forget. She was wearing a princess dress & dancing around the living room & stopped to ask Dylan, "Me so moo-fi-ful, huh dad?" It's weird because she can say Beauty (like Beauty & the Beast) clear as day.

Speaking of funny things said, Dylan had one that got me. We were walking into Albertson's last week when this man with a moustache passed by us. Dylan then had to inform me that every time he sees a guy with a moustache he has to check if they're wearing a wedding ring. He just can't imagine them being married. Funny.

And, speaking of Dylan. He has completed his website & it's now live. Check it out here. And leave him some feedback about it here. I know he'd love that. He's worked so hard & I think his site is beyond awesome!


Caitlin said...

She looks so cute in her glasses.

Amber said...

The valentine garland is so cute. I like that idea.

I hope mom's advice & ideas will be helpful. That would be hard thing for a little kid to get used to. Good luck!

And I am having trouble getting on Dylan's site. Will check back later. I am sure it is awesome!

ColoradoCoolCats said...

I WANT TO MAKE THAT GARLAND!!!! I am so excited aboutVday this year!!! It looks soooo cute!!!! Is that pipecleaners you used to string it?

Candace said...

I strung it with ribbon & used macaroni for spacers. ha ha. whatever is around. that's what this one was all about.

ColoradoCoolCats said...

woa you are seriously a little martha! LOVE IT!!! how did you think noodles???? so cool!

Dylan said...

Hey gals - love the garland. It makes the place a lot more... lovey? I don't know. I need to go to bed.

Heather said...

Is Sadie's hair in a pony??? It's getting so long.

Love the craft idea.

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