Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Summer is Ready When You Are

I WISH!!!!!

Lying on the couch this morning, feeling so very cold & tired, I started longing for summer. Thinking about capris & sandals, going to the park, out for walks, bubbles & WARMTH. It was really, really depressing. Decided to get up & make the most of my day. Yesterday I didn't feel like doing anything....so I didn't. Those days are nice to follow up with a day packed full of activities & accomplishments.

Copying Amber's idea of a little photo log of my life right now. So here's my life today:

Our kitchen pipes are still frozen. Been washing my dishes by hand. I really hate doing chores, but I also hate having a dirty house. The kitchen & all floors were cleaned this morning.
Came into the kitchen and noticed Sadie's pink chair. It's usually in this spot & if not she's dragging it there. This is where she stands up at the counter to be my helper. It's alright. This is my life right now with her. She's always gotta be right there with me. It's hard when I don't have anything she can really help with. She's not a good watcher.
Found her in our room playing in the mirror. Singing & talking to herself in a crazy ponytail & pink dress.
We made some cookies today. Mom's Chocolate Chipper recipe but I added some oatmeal this time. We do that every now and then. Dylan likes it. I never know how much I add, this time the cookies came out way less flat than they normally do. Don't get me wrong though, I really love my flat cookies....like a lot.
Something I'm working on right now...making file folder games for Sadie. She calls them her puzzles. I checked out these books from my library. Making copies, coloring, laminating & cutting. She's really into these right now. I think they're great stimulation for her little brain & pretty cheap to make. Hoping to get quite a few made for her.


Amber said...

Sadie looks so cute with that high pony. And those cookies look good. I like the idea to add oatmeal! & the file folder activities. My boys love those.

Heather said...

Again love the photos of right now. Such a good visual of our lives the details that we will soon forget.

Glad it was a productive day...don't you just love those. And the cold issues have been forcing us desert dwellers indoors. I don't want to do anything outside and it's not even snowing out there. Spring will come soon enough....hey maybe you guys will move somewhere warm?? and then just visit the snow.

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