Thursday, January 11, 2007

Today's Mission & Make Believe

I'm on a mission today. To get a portrait of Sadie. Trying to get a nice photo of her & it's just not happening. I decided to give up when she said "Chase me. Chase me with the camera." Okay. All done. But this series of photos made me laugh.

She's taking her clothes off not because she has to go potty, but because she wants to put a dress on. She's saying "need a dress! need a dress!".

Oh, well. Glad I had my camera going even though I didn't get the picture I had hoped for.

So Sadie's on this thing where she loves to play make believe. All day today she has been calling me Shrek. She's Fiona & Maddy (our dog) is donkey. I'll call her by her real name & she'll point to herself & say, "No! This Fiona." We play along for the most part, but Dylan & I are both getting annoyed. We just want her to call us mom & dad again.


Amber said...

that reminds me of trace when we could only call him dash!

Heather said...

I LOVE the feet picture. But you know how I love feet. It is awesome. Great angle...I love her little blurried body in the background.

Caitlin said...

Oh, I love those pictures of her. They capture her so perfectly. I love the feet picture!

ColoradoCoolCats said...

and so it BEGINS! I think its such a great sign of intelligence when they can pretend so whole heartedly. you know jules she's ALWAYS someone else!

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