Friday, January 19, 2007

Yay for Me!

I survived my glucose screening test at the doctor's office today. I did it all by myself too! I am the worst at getting my blood drawn, but have learned how to get through it without my body going into shock & either fainting or vomiting. So the test results were good, except I was a little low on my iron. Guess I should be taking those prenatal vitamins. I'm the worst at that. They also gave me a list of foods that are high in iron, so I'll pay a little more attention to that.

I was starving after the test, so we went to Wendy's & I got a frosty with my meal as a little reward for all the stress I'd been through. Ha ha. Those of you that know me understand.

I'm starting another change in my lifestyle that will benefit the environment. I usually give Sadie her snacks in a little ziploc bag so she can carry it around. No more. She'll have them in a little snack bowl that can be rewashed & we'll bring down the number of baggies we're just throwing away. I know these are small steps, but that's how I'm going to get where I need to be.

And because it's hard for me to post without a photo....My little naked girl.


Dylan said...

Yay for you indeed. Candace, as cheesy as this will sound, I will always admire your strength and courage. Despite your fears, you manage to push past them and do what neds to be done. You are the bomb and deserve all the frostys you can eat and then some just don't puke because I don't want to clean it up.

Kiss. Hug. Big Kiss. Little kiss. Big hug. Hug. Kiss.

Big Kiss.

Robin said...

Anyone who knows you, knows what a TREMENDOUS accomplishment this is! Good for you. See, you can do anything!

Amber said...

I was smiling the whole time I was reading this. That is so cool!

ashley said...

have you tried the vanilla frosty??? so so good- next time you need a reward i would reccomend that!

Robin said...

vanilla frosties? Don't tell Dad!

Caitlin said...

Good for you Candace! You go Candace! (Have you seen Mean Girls?)

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