Wednesday, February 21, 2007

3 Tiered Skirt

I made my first ever piece of clothing. This three tiered skirt for Sadie. I have been enjoying sewing a lot lately & there's so much I need to learn. I thought this would be a fun project. I did a few things that I never have before with this one. Including machine basting & gathering. The skirt is in no way perfect. In fact the shape is quite wonky, but I learned a lot & that's part of what it's all about, right? This was so much fun to make & despite having to pull out my seam ripper 3 TIMES!!!! I still had a lot of fun & the finished product makes me smile although it may be imperfect (especially when I see Sadie wearing it).

So there is a tutorial for these skirts here, and I used fabric designed by this cool lady.


Anonymous said...

The skirt is adorable... Sadie is one stylish little girl!

-J. Todd

P.S.- Thank you so much to the link for Anna Maria! I'm thinking of doing a model out of some of her fabrics... I'll send pictures, if it comes to fruition. Thanks again!

ColoradoCoolCats said...

You did great! Wish I had a clue how to read those instruction. Sadie looks so happy, how could she not in that totally Sadie skirt.

Heather said...

That is neat that you attempted something new and did it. It is very adorable. The fabrics are cute and your links are great. Thanks.

cbhoff said...

Oh, my, goodness. It's way cute even though it's "imperfect". It doesn't really matter though because Sadie loves skirts and doesn't even care that it's not perfect. That's the best part about practicing talents when you have little kids.

When I was about 12, my mom made me a pair of poka-dotted shorts and it was the first piece of clothing she attempted. They fit SO weird. There wasn't a front or back so there wasn't a place for my butt to go. I still remember how awkward I felt in them.

Candace said...

Oh man Christina...That story about the shorts cracked me up.

And Jacqueline, I'd love to see pictures of that model....or any of your models actually. I love to see other people's work & creativity. It's always inspiring.

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