Friday, February 16, 2007

Good Morning Friday

I really love making eggs & toast for my family. I always feel really good when I do this for them. Not sure why it is with this one little thing & not with all the other stuff I do for them each day, but I can't help but feel a little warm & fuzzy when I make them a hot breakfast.

Do you seem to have days when every single chore in your home needs to be done? I have these days quite often. This week I spent a few days out & about doing so much that there wasn't time or energy left for the housework. Plus, I seem to have lots of days where I decide that I just don't feel like doing I don't.

Well, yesterday was clean the house day, & everything actually got done! Today is a glorious day because my efforts are just on keeping it all up & enjoying it. There is that lurking doom though that it will all have to be done yet again. I really do hate chores. Not my favorite thing.

And now, a story about Miss Sadie:

Last night it took a little time for her to go to sleep. Kept hearing her moving around in her bed. When I could tell she was finally asleep, I got to work cutting out little squares of fabric for the baby quilt (yippie!). Went in to check on her before I went to bed & found the little one laying under her blanket with no clothes on. Completely naked. She'd taken off her jammies & diaper as well. Little stinker had been in there like that for about an hour & a half. Luckily she hadn't peed at all, so I just had to get her dressed again & put her back in bed. It's bad enough that she never wants to wear clothes during the day. Crazy kid!

Good thing I checked on her. Some nights I get myself in bed before I realize that I haven't peeked in on her & I'm just too tired to move. after this rambling of mom stuff. Back to the start of this post. What is it that you just love to do for your family?


The Fellers said...

I too love to cook for my family. I know it sounds weird, but I do. I take pride in my cooking, and when something turns out good, and Shon likes it, it really makes my day, this includes baking as well. I feel the same way about cleaning, it ALL has to be done the same way, sometimes I think it is me though, because I start one place, then I am in it, and I think, "well, I might as well do a once over on the whole house!" Why do we do that?? Good post, cute story about Sadie, good thing you checked!

Michelle said...

You're good mom for checking on Sadie each night before you go to bed. I never check on Avry and only occasionally check on Bryton.

I don't know why that's a hard question for me. The first thing I thought of was for my kids... I love letting them play outside because I know how much they love it and for Spencer the thing that I like to do for him is to get him in a good mood if he's had a bad day.

ColoradoCoolCats said...

so I have been known to take my shirt off in the middle of the night when i am hot...isn't that so weird?? I wake up and think, "huh???...oh yeah i was hot" funny stuff.

i love to have a clean house, you know so they can destroy it in a fraction of the time I clean my fam!

ColoradoCoolCats said...

ps thank you for the NICEST words in the comments of my blog- I LOVE YOU- just take my love no giving it back! xoxoxo

Dylan said...

You should know by now what I love doing for my family: the robot. Oh yeah.

Dylan said...

Also, sometimes the Cabbage Patch, aka: "Stirring the Chili."

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