Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Little Overboard?

So, I've almost finished all of the file folder games. Just a few more to complete. When those are done, we will have a total of 15 file folder games in our house. Did I take it too far? I dunno. I'm kinda tempted to go back to the library & see if there are any more books that I want to copy some from. Trying to let it go though, so I can get on to other projects. Sis seems to be enjoying them & so that's cool.

I took Sadie to the doctor today, just to make sure she didn't have anything major going on with this sickness that's come up in the past few days. Turns out everything is fine. She just has a cold/cough.

Our conversation before we left:

Me: Should we go to the doctor today?
Sadie: Yeah!!! The doctor look a your belly.
Me: Nope. We're going for you this time. The doctor is going to look at you.

When we got into the exam room, I helped Sadie up on the table. She laid back & pulled her shirt up, exposing her belly. I kept telling her to put her shirt down, but she insisted that this is what was happening. She was sure that the doctor wanted to look at her belly button. I think she's pretty convinced that she has a baby in there, just like I do. It was all too cute.

Also, I hate Walmart so much! Even worse is the Walmart pharmacy. Always an ordeal. Always takes FOREVER! I tell myself never to even go to that stupid store, but then make excuses....cause I don't have many choices here in little ol' Rexburg. One day though, I will make the leap & I'll never go back into that stupid store again.


The Fellers said...

I dont think that you have over done it at all. Seriously, such a great idea. I think if you want to do more, then go for it! They are great for church! Cute story about the doc, glad to hear Sadie is ok!

Amber said...

That is so cute about Sadie at the doctors office. Carson used to think the same thing & he would point to his belly button. He thought that was his baby.

I know I hate walmart too! And the pharmacy is never busy but they are so slow!! The only good thing that I like about that place is if you have no insurance the copay for generic prescriptions is $4. That is cheaper than a copay if you did have insurance. Not sure how that works!?!

Kelly McCaleb said...

i decide that same thing EVERY time i step into walmart. i HATE it!!!!
ok, did i miss something on the file folder games? how do you put those together? looks cool!
what a cute little girl you have!

ColoradoCoolCats said...

OH sadie is soo precious!!! what a great dr. story!

I am totally selfish in my desire for you to go copy more ff games- THEY ARE RAD!!! I already got mine copied on card stock and when I finish your "surprise" I will start on them! I can't thank you enough!!!

Michelle said...

Sadie is so cute. Avry always wants me to look at her belly when she's done eating so I can check and see if she's full enough. Of course I always tell her theres more room in there just so she'll eat a little more.

I too am a Wal-mart hater. I stopped shopping there but once and a while I go back when I need a lot of random stuff. Then I tell myself I'll never go back and eventually I do.

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