Monday, February 12, 2007

My Back Hurts

I think that I tried to cram too much stuff into one day. I'm feeling it tonight. Right in my lower back. It doesn't feel very good to walk or stand up right now. I need to take it easy....but I also want to get Dylan's valentine done tonight. We decided that we wouldn't buy each other anything for Valentine's Day. In our initial talk we decided to make each other a card....I think he's gone a little further than a card...& guess what, so have I. I'm really, really excited. Are we two peas in a pod or what?

Poor Dyl has a nasty ear infection & I've been trying to help him stay on top of all the meds he needs to take. Good thing he wasn't scheduled to work today & hopefully he'll feel well enough to go tomorrow.

Back to WalMart today for his prescription. Only, this time hallelujah for the $4 generic prescriptions, as he isn't covered by insurance since he graduated.

Trying to get some stuff done around the house, for primary & for Sadie's play group tomorrow. Felt like I had a TON to we went outside to play in the snow. We got dumped on this morning. Sadie has been dying to get out there & play, but all the snow had been washed away by rain this past week. She slid down the slide at our playground & went flying off the end landing on her bum in the snow. So funny!

Came back in the house & made sugar cookies...because what would Valentine's week be like without heart shaped sugar cookies?

I didn't take any photos today. But hope to have some to share with you tomorrow...which I think is going to be just as busy of a day.

So, my back hurts. But it's from having a good time. So maybe I can't complain too much.


Ipuna said...

I hope you feel better. Take it easy.

ashley said...

hurting back? so sorry- but like you said at least it is from doing something fun!
luke and i do the don't but anything for v-day and make eachother cards, i love it. i attempt to scrap so i think i make stuff that is cool, but his are always way better than mine!
and love that the prescription was $4!

cbhoff said...

I totally made sugar cookies on Sunday! Heart shaped with vanilla icing and pink sugar sprinkles! It's the season.

I hope your back feels better soon. Nothing worse than a sore neck or back (okay there is but it makes life pretty uncomfortable).

Darlene Fanning said...

It is one thing to keep a busy schedule and another thing to over-exert yourself. As much as possible, I plan my daily tasks in a way that allows me to spend quality time with loved ones. Don't worry, the pain on your back will eventually go away after a little rest. Stay happy!

Darlene Fanning

Quentin Edberg said...

Back pain has really become one of the most common problems nowadays, eh? Hmm. If it strikes again, I suggest that you find an efficient massage therapist and have a relaxing massage therapy. This can help relieve stress, which has been one of the main causes of back pain. In addition, always remember to take things easy while working. I mean, you can always accomplish your tasks without pushing yourself, right? :D

Quentin Edberg

Shaunna Schumacher said...

I agree with Darlene and Quentin that you really need to take a rest! Tiring yourself won’t do you any good. Give yourself a break and take time to relax or else the back pain won’t go away. Take care of yourself!

-Shaunna Schumacher

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