Thursday, February 01, 2007


Do you guys love oilcloth as much as I do? I was packing Sadie's lunch for a playgroup today in this lovely little oilcloth bag that was purchased at Tesoros in Austin, Texas. It's actually the only oilcloth thing that I own, but I still love the material. Back when I was working, I used this bag to take my lunch every day. I like it. It is so happy & cheery.

I found this swatch at Oilcloth International. I think this would be so cute covering a kids craft table. That website also has directions for making cute baby bibs & lunch bags under the "project ideas" link.

And, this morning as I was making the lunch I remembered how my mom would write notes to us on our napkins sometimes that we'd find in our lunches that day at school. I recall one time my note was a poem....about my stinky feet. I can remember reading it & looking around at all the other kids that didn't have poems written on their napkins & I felt really loved. My mom....she's pretty cool. my blog surfing I found this that I think is pretty darn cool. I love the photo branch. Check it out.


ColoradoCoolCats said...

love that photo branch!

Michelle said...

For a minute I thought you made that cute bag! I could see your crafty-self making something that cute. You should make baby bibs with oil cloth. What crafty thaings have you made your baby girl?

Amber said...

I loved my little napkin notes! I looked forward to them! Are you sure that wasn't a poem about my stinky feet?? ha ha!

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