Monday, February 05, 2007

Trying to Beat the *Blahs*

I have felt SO TIRED. Sunday always does this to me. After getting everything ready for 8:30am church, teaching sharing time & then making dinner....yesterday's included homemade rolls...I'm just zapped. Yesterday I laid on the couch almost all afternoon & even took a good nap when Sadie went down for one.

Today, I'm trying to clean up the mess. Sadie has been sick & really clingy. I've lost all motivation on all my projects. Hoping this all only lasts for a few days.

So, a few things that have made me happy in the past few days:

* From the relief society newsletter this month...I think mine is the best :) Of course it is cause I have the coolest husband.

* Going to the cheap theatre to see Flushed Away with Dylan & Sadie. Sadie wearing her glasses through almost the whole movie.

* Making my mom's roll recipe & having them turn out pretty darn good!

* Listening to Cold Roses by Ryan Adams & the Cardinals. The album I've listened to WAY, WAY too many times, but still absolutely love.

* Coming up with an idea for Dylan's valentine. Just need to find time to make it!

* Sadie saying cute stuff like "me not wear my glasses evermore"....she has though. Funny how they formulate their language.

* Going to church by myself yesterday. I was totally able to listen, feel the spirit, and weep constantly like only a pregnant lady can. Happy to feel some promptings from my Heavenly Father letting me know that I don't need to fear. Everything will be just fine.


Michelle said...

I remember how I had to make myself rest when I was pregnant. It's hard to relax when there's a lot going on but I always felt better after giving myself a break.

Are you getting close to your due date? I don't think I even know when you are due.

Dylan said...

Candace rules.

ashley said...

amen sister. i am feeling ya, i actually laid down yesterday while v was asleep- something i don't like to do becuase it wastes precious "me" time! sounds like you had a good sunday though, i am jealous you got to actually listen during church- don't know when the last time was that that happened!
hope the blahs have left and things are great!

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