Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Burning Question

What to put in the Netflix queue while Dylan is away? Hmmm.

I want to watch stuff that he wouldn't care about seeing. Maybe girly stuff? Maybe a TV series? I just finished up with Project Runway. That was fun.

Any suggestions?


Usually Happy said...

My husband went motorcycle riding on Saturday and I was glad to have a day to watch a girl movie. I watched "The Holiday" and cried a lot (mainly because I'm pregnant). But I thought that was a fun girl movie.

Patti said...

That was a fun one . . . "The Holiday".

I saw "The Nativity Story" this weekend and I would recommend it.

Chanel said...

An Inconvient Truth. You have to ask? Actually you might have already seen it, or Dylan might want to see it with you.

Im just being funny b/c of my obnoxious "liberal" blog.

Holiday sounds good.

Michelle said...

Inconvient Truh is in my Nextflix queue right now. I'm looking forward to seeing that.
I wish I could think of something good. My favorite girl movie is The Notebook but it might make you sad with Dylan away. I guess I'm no help.

On a side note: I love Netflix. I wish they would of had it when we were in England. We had to take the train to Blockbuster and walk about 1/2 mile just to rent a stinkin movie.

Patti said...

Season One, Grey's Anatomy?

Candace said...

Thanks for all the suggestions. I've already seen "The Holiday" & "An Inconvient Truth". Maybe I'll try Greys & The Nativity. I do have 3 weeks w/ two movies at a time coming.

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