Saturday, March 17, 2007


Well, Dylan accepted the job in Cleveland at TWIST Creative. We're really excited about this opportunity & what it means for his & our future.

In the same breath, I'm nervous & scared & overwhelmed.

Dylan will be going out to Cleveland for 3 weeks while Sadie & I stay behind to get ready for the new baby & get the house packed up. Every once in a while (a least two or three times a day) I get a little teary thinking about being without him for all that time. Especially while I am so big & pregnant, so emotionally vulnerable & so tired. Then I think of how blessed I am to have a family with so much love for each other that it is so difficult for us to be apart, even just for a few days.

I'm nervous about moving to a city that I've never even seen before. Nervous about moving with a newborn. Nervous about Sadie & all the change that will be happening all at once & how it will affect her. And, I'm just plain overwhelmed with all that has to be done to get ready for the move & welcoming this new baby.

One day at a time though, right? We'll get through it.

Spring has hit Rexburg & that is a wonderful thing for our moods. Sadie & I will be heading to the park in a little bit.

Last night I was able to get this receiving blanket done for the new babe. This is for her spunky side...unlike the sweet floral monstrosity that I'm trying to work on. I'm at a stand still with that right now & I'm wondering if I should hand-quilt it or
machine quilt it. I've actually never done either. Hmm. Also on the list of projects to complete are some matching burp cloths for this receiving blanket. New, fresh burp cloths are really nice I think....especially since Sadie was the spit up queen.


The Fellers said...

Wow, Congrats to Dylan, sounds like a great opportunity for him! Good for you guys!!! And wow, that is so crazy, you have a lot to do, but I think you will do great and be A-OK!!!! I think Sadie will adjust well!!

Also, I LOVE THE BLANKET!!! Seriously, SO DANG CUTE!!! Way to go!!!

Good luck with everything!!!

Ipuna said...

Changes are always scary because it is the "unknown", but just take it as an adventure in which you will learn new thingsand grow in different ways. Good luck with everything.

Very cute blanket as well.

Amber said...

I am so excited & happy for you guys!! This is going to be awesome. And I understand why you have all these mixed emotions. They come anyways when you bring a new baby home so I can't even imagine with everything else on your plate! I wish I could help you more. But I know you guys are going to do fine. Just don't do too much while Dylan is gone. You need to rest & save your energy!

And is that blanket like the one you made for Crew? I love those colors. And we love ours--we actually took it to the soccer game this morning!

Chanel said...

Whoa! Well at least now you know what the future holds a bit more, but funny how that doesn't make it any less stressful.
First, you will grow and be even stronger with the time apart. It will just reenforce how much you all need one another and how important you all are to each other. It will be hard, but you'll do great. It might even be good for Dylan to be able to put 100% in his new job right away and really bust some butt, I know its hard for Ryan to juggle everything all the time.
2nd- a new city will be EXCITING!! It is seriously such an adventure. I know one of the first things I wanted to do after settling down here was to move again, just because it amazes me how many different places and expereinces are out there for us to have and discover. What a great opportunity to see a new part of the country!
3rd- Sadie Jane will do GREAT! She's so smart and fun, it won't be hard, plus she'll have her new sis to keep her totally preoccupied! YAY!
4th- WAY cute blanket!!! HAND SEW A QUILT???? HELLO!!! You really have too much to do to add HAND SEWING!!!! If you can finish the quilt period I say KUDOS!

So much to look forward to! I am so excited for you!

Heather said...

Oh Candace. It is a lot of change in a small amount of time. And it will be hard on everyone but you'll all get through it because you are strong.

We are excited for you to have a new adventure. Once you're all settled and baby is here, it will be better.

If I can be of help, I'll pack the kids and head up there. We may be more trouble than help. Let us know.

Michelle said...

I've been thinking about you. It's great all the comments everyone wrote... we all know you can do it even though it may not be easy. I was alone with Avry (for different reasons) when I was eight and nine months pregnant for Bryton but looking back I feel like that was one of the most spiritual times in my life. Some days were really hard but some days were good.

Good luck with everything and remember to rest enough.

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