Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tears & Enchiladas

I could not stop crying from the time I woke up this morning, because today Dylan started his drive out to Cleveland. It's just been too much for me. I even cried at my doctor appointment this morning when he asked what was going on with me. He said he could tell from the look on my face that I had some things concerning me. I've never been good at hiding my emotions, or telling a lie. My face always gives it away. Anyway, good news is that the baby's head is down. Bad news, the scale was not very nice to me today.

And the tears just continued when I got home. We had lunch together & then Dylan took off. Sadie has been very confused. Trying to hug me & wipe my tears with her blanket. She keeps saying "It's okay." & one time even said, "you be okay sweetheart."

I miss him so much already. I know this all is very pathetic, but I have a problem with over-anticipating things & my emotions just fall right in line. It would not be this hard except I'm feeling the weight of just how long he will be gone. He bought me flowers today, which always makes me a little mad because I don't think he should spend money on that kind of extra stuff. They're pretty, but they make me cry. His stuff is all gone, that makes me cry too. A little time & I'll get used to it all & things will be just fine.

SO....enchiladas. We had some yummy vegetarian enchiladas last night. They were a big hit. I got them from Ashley's recipe website. I'm trying her chicken pasta next!


Jodie said...

Hi Candace...I'm not sure if you remember me...I peak in on your cute little family. I just had to say that I'm so sorry you are sad and missing your husband! Stay busy!

Chanel said...

I know we talked, but its always fun to get comments- sadie's little ways of making you better made me tear up! How sweet is she?!! Lots of PHONE CALLS!!! That helps me when Ryan is gone.
Work on that baby quilt and packing and the weeks will be over beore you know it and BOOM- baby girl #2! :)

ashley said...

candace- i am s sorry for you...i think it probably just makes it worse that d-day is around the corner huh? i hope that after a few days you will get into a groove and find ways to keep your self occupied. my heart goes out to you! but that is the sweetest that sadie trys to comfort you, good thing you have her to keep you company! good luck, i hope the next few weeks fly by!

cbhoff said...

I may have good news. I am going to try something that may make you feel better. You see, now that we know we can talk to each other using our real voices over the computer, I am going to see if you can see us AND hear our voices. We have a camera in our computer so tonight or tomorrow, we'll see if we can get Dylan to be able to video conference with you. He wouldn't be able to see you but you could see him. Don't get your hopes too high because Brandt said your computer may not be able to handle it but we will sure try!!!

Good luck with everything. I hope Sadie will be a doll for you. She seems like she is so far.

Amber said...

I'm glad that you have miss Sadie to take care of you! You two need to stay busy. Maybe the library or park or even McDonald's playland & then an ice cream treat!

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