Monday, March 05, 2007

Things Week - Day 1

We all have stuff in our lives...things. Lately I've been looking around at the things I have. Most of these things have a story behind them. I thought I'd dedicate a week to some of my things & tell their story.

So to kick off "Things Week", I give you....the creepy ceramic head that I made when I was 10 years old:

My older sister took private art lessons from an art teacher that taught at one of our schools. When she completed the classes, my Mom was cool enough to sign me up for them. Now this is all from my 10 year old recollection so how true this all it, I can't really remember. All I remember is that I really wanted to do what my older sisters were doing. Hello, ballet classes like Heather...not a good idea for me. Sorry mom. I'm pretty sure that I begged you to get me going with that.

Anyway, this is one of the projects I worked on with this art teacher & it took weeks. I remember her saying, "We're going to work on the ears tomorrow, so go home & look at every body's ears while you're at the dinner table." She'd have me observe where features fall on the face & I remember having this realization that ears were a lot lower on the head than I always thought they were.

I'm not sure why some of the features are a little out of whack...oh yeah, I was 10 years old. Check out those massive eyebrows & lips. He kinda has some african american looking features but his coloring is super white. And the cool is the hair! I put every single piece on there.

So, is my guy creepy? Yes. Does it creep me out that Sadie calls it "daddy" sometimes. Yes. (Dylan, this guy looks nothing like you.) Do I still love it? Yep.

Oh! One other amazingly cool thing that I did in those art classes was to make a paper mache mask of my face. I laid on the ground & the teacher covered my face in the paper mache & left me two little holes for my nostrils so that I could breathe while it dried. Where that mask is today, I have no idea.


Amber said...

I remember when you made that. I love how real it looks! And I am laughing at Sadie calling it daddy!

cbhoff said...

That second to last paragraph made me laugh out loud, too funny.

Robin said...

I miss that head!! Actually, I miss most of the 'kid art' that used to decorate our home. If you ever get tired of him -- just send 'em back to us.

Heather said...

Was I in my own little world? I don't recall you taking art classes...just Amber. I do however, remember that head. It is a very memorable piece. Happy to know that it has become a part of your family. Sadie is hilarious.

Cool idea to focus on your "stuff" can't wait for tomorrow.

Michelle said...

I took ceramics in High School and in my class there was a guy who was an African American Albino. I thought of him as soon as I saw "the head!"

Nice work for a 10 year old though.

The Fellers said...

I LOVE THE SCULPTURE!!! Seriously that made me smile so big. Great idea for the "things" week. Hey question, what kind of camera do you use? I love the clarity of your pics!

Dylan said...

Dude, that thing freaking creeps me the heck out. And you're dang right it looks nothing like me! I am sort of handsome! Why do I feel like I should follow that sentence up by yelling "I DRIVE A DODGE STRATUS!"

Anyway... dude's creepy.

Candace said...

I love kid art too, Mom.

Vinnie, My camera is a Canon Digital Rebel.

Amber said...

Dylan is so funny! He always makes me laugh! Maybe because I can just hear him saying all this!

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