Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Things Week - Day 2

Colorful decor:
I guess Dylan & I are drawn to brightly colored things when it comes to our home decor. Especially leaning towards the warm colors. Hi orange! We like you! Anyway, this Paul Klee print was purchased at Ikea a few years back. It's amazing to me that something this "modern" looking was painted in 1930.

This one we acquired from Amber. Also purchased at Ikea. This one is big & is the first thing you see when you walk in our door. It's like a big, colorful "Hello!"

The round vase was purchased at The Great Indoors in Las Vegas a few years back. I didn't want to buy it because I thought it cost a little too much. I remember Dylan saying, "Come on. We're never going to find anything like this again. We have to get it." I'm glad we did, because I really, really LOVE this piece. This is the one item in our home that gets the most comments. Other people seem to love it too.

I don't know that there's a really big story behind all this stuff, but one thing that comes to mind is a comment that a visiting teacher once made. When we first moved up here to Idaho, my visiting teachers had come to visit a couple times. During one of the visits I mentioned that Dylan was an Art major. One of the ladies then said, "OOOoooooohhh!! That makes so much more sense" looking around at our apartment. And, I imagine that in her head she continued to think, "No wonder nothing in your house looks like it's from WalMart." Or, "No wonder everything in your house is so funky!"


ashley said...

what a great idea to tell the story of the things in your life! love it. and love the bright colors!
i might have to copy this idea in a week or so!

The Fellers said...

I love all the fun colored stuff!! I too love Ikea....they have so much fun stuff!!

Chanel said...

that picture from amber reminds me of sunset. fun stuff- oh and the face- oh my! Thats really funny.

Anonymous said...

Your round vase inspired the colors I choose for our home. Thanks!!! I totally love it. I think you have awesome taste!

-J. Todd

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