Thursday, March 08, 2007


Went to the doctor this morning. Nothing new to report except that I'm as big as a house. The doctor thinks that the baby is head down, but that's just from feeling from the outside. They'll be able to better tell at my next appointment in just 2 weeks. SO....6 more weeks until d-day.

We've had a couple days with really good weather. Sunshine & high 40's. What a difference 40 degrees in March is compared to 40 degrees in October. It's felt wonderful to open up the windows & let a little fresh air in. Just glorious. Today we are gloomy & windy. Will it rain?

I saw over on SouleMama's blog this morning the coolest thing. Head over there & check out her blog book. The company that puts these together is Blurb. I think this is a fabulous idea. I have been meaning to print up all my posts, but haven't wanted to use up our printer ink. I plan on compiling one of these books just as soon as we have enough money to spend on stuff other than just necessities.

Sadie has been throwing major tantrums these days. All of the sudden they are just out of control. Wondering if she is learning it from me as I get less & less patient as this pregnancy draws to an end. We have been working on taking naps & so far she's had one every day this week. It's helping with her behavior in the last half of the day.

On a really good note, she's back to potty training. We abandoned her panties & switched back to diapers in January & are just now coming back around. She's doing a great job & is really interested in it again. Very excited about this!


The Fellers said...

Candace, wow you are doing great for only 6 weeks left, I think I was pretty unbearable at the time in my pregnancy, it was rough, but you are doing great. And that link to that blog was great, I have been wondering if I can print off these posts, to have them saved as a journal, because that is the main reason I do this blog, as a journal! Do you know how to do it on your own??

Caitlin said...

I'm glad your doctor's appointment went well. And thanks for the link. I think I might have to make me a blog book, too.

Heather said...

I am loving that blog book. You find such neat things.

Glad the appointment went well. Don't think too hard about things (the delivery). It will all be over soon and pretty girl will be here.

Heather said...

Oh got the felt bag today! Thanks

ashley said...

ok, my friend just wrote how she printed her blog just the other day and it made me think how i want to do the same, then i come look at your blog and you have all the info that i need! yipee! i think i will wait a few more months and stash away some money and then have one made for me- thanks!
also- so good to hear that things are going good with baby. my sister in law just had a baby girl yesterday which got me thinking about delivery and all of that and reminded me that although the end is near and i am excited, there is still work to be done!
hope the re-potty training goes good, i am jealous that you might not have 2 in diapers at the same time!

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