Thursday, April 05, 2007

Something Other Than Cereal This Morning

Okay, I admit, I did put sugar on my fruit this morning. I just can't help it. I'm an addict.

Dylan is doing well in Cleveland. He's enjoying his job & has found us an apartment to live in. He's been gone 15 days. We're over the hump with him coming home in only 9 days. It's all still too long though. And as much as I try not to think about it, I miss him something awful. Oh, it's bad. Anyway, I have not gotten a babysitter since he's been gone except for my doctor's appointments. Sadie & I need a break from each other. This afternoon she is going to go play w/ Dylan's cousins Meg & Annie. Is it horrible that I'm REALLY looking forward to the break?


Ipuna said...

No it's not. I am so glad you admitted that. I always feel bad when I just need "alone" time. I feel like I am such a bad Mom. It's nice to know others feel that way too.

Heather said...

Please NO! We all need a break from each other. Enjoy your time today.

Chanel said...

Its already been 15 days??? I feel like I was just talking to you the day he left! YOU'RE AWESOME! 9 days- piece of (carmel, gooey, SUGARY, YUMMMMAY) cake!
That fruit looks way good- nice job eating healthy, and sugar is healthy RIGHT????
Hope your SadieFree time was super dooper!

ashley said...

i think that when we leave our kids, even if it is just for an houe we come back so refreshed and are ready to be better parents. so hope you got some good alone time!
and that fruit looks so yummers!

Michelle said...

Those strawberries looks so good! I think if you wanted a bowl of ice cream for breakfast it would be okay right now. You deserve it.
You also deserve a break. Enjoy your free time!

Lauren said...

I'm sorry you miss Dylan so much but,It'll go by fast.and while you wait, you need a break!

Amber said...

That looks good!
That will be good for both you & Sadie to have a little break from each other! Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...


I'm just glad that you do so well with attending to a toddler all day, every day. You must have the patience of an angel.

Enjoy your moments of solitude.

I think about you and the baby often and am so amazed by how BRAVE you are.

Best of luck and I hope it's all you hope for. Sorry, this is practically a letter.


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