Wednesday, April 11, 2007

While I Enjoyed My Grapefruit

I just LOVE this!!!! Sadie colored this all on her own while I was eating a yummy, yummy grapefruit. I love the arms & legs, eyes & nose & mouth. How cool is my girl!?

Some other things I don't want to forget about this girl:

* She has been riding her bike (big wheel) in the house as it's been too cold outside. She has figured out how to use the pedals & is really quite proud of herself. She keeps saying "Watch me mom!" as she rides across the kitchen.

* She was singing a lot yesterday & mixing up all the songs she knows. "Snowman built hims house on a rock!"


Dylan said...

Wow. I am seriously in awe right now. That is really, really impressive. I'm telling you, she is some kind of prodigy or something.

Chanel said...

Cute! It is so amazing when they start drawing real things!

The mixed up song reminds me yesterday Julia was listening to "follow the prophet" and she explained it meant he knows how to get to church if your mom and dad aren't with you. HA!

T minus 3days! YAHOO! You're the bomb!

Heather said...

She is very attention to detail. Love that the facial features are in the right areas. I love how they draw so disproportionately (that looks wrong!?) The head HUGE and the limbs so small.

Remember to date that stuff! I have tons of Lauren's drawings and never thought to date some of them.

Amber said...

I love when kids start to draw!

ashley said...

what a talented little girl!
hope it gets warm enough for her to go ride outside soon! when are you guys planning on moving? and are you stoked or what- hubby gets home tommorrow right!?!?!

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