Wednesday, April 04, 2007

You Know What?

* I hate the smell of Pine Sol. Brings back memories of a hamster cage.

* These days I debate whether or not to put make-up on every morning. Usually, I don't.

* Every time I vacuum my floor, I vacuum my couch. I have a dog.

* Taking a toddler to the bathroom in a public stall is very tricky when you're nine months pregnant. Lots of maneuvering to get both of you in there & the door closed.

* Right now, I should be cleaning something or packing something up.


Heather said...

Pine Sol...that is so funny because I am mopping my floors with it today and the whole house smells. I decided to buy some at the store, I generally just mop with vinegar. Steve hates that smell. I was thinking that the smell reminded me of Grandma's house when we used to spend the night and help her clean the next day.

Michelle said...

That's so true about the bathroom stalls... I forgot already about all those little inconviences when you're pregnant.

I hope this isn't gross but I don't ever vaccuum my couch but now I think I want to!

Hope you're doing well. How much longer until your due?

Amber said...

I need to get under my couch cushions really good. That is where everything falls.
I hate the smell of Pine Sol!

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