Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Crazy Clevelander, Part 1

(Part 1, because I'm assuming there will be a lot more instalments)

Saturday morning. Dylan was at a service project. We had the front windows open & Sadie was going out on the front porch, which is actually a balcony since we're on the second floor. I was cleaning up the house & putting laundry away.

I hear somebody yelling "Michelle!" "Michelle!". I'm ignoring it because there are a lot of people that live on our street & I'm just assuming it's people in the neighborhood.

Then I hear "Michelle! Michelle, is that you?" To which Sadie yells out, "NO!". Ha ha. At that point I got curious & looked over the balcony to see this woman who was actually yelling at us. I told her that this wasn't Michelle's house & she apologized, kinda explained herself & went on walking down the sidewalk. CRAZY!!

The very best part about it though is what she was wearing. It was the bestest most 80's outfit:

A black t-shirt that said "Levi's" in pink writing.
Pink jeans. Yes, pink denim jeans.
A red belt.
and a side ponytial!!!


Jen Rose said...

Side ponytails ROCK! Did you ever see Amber and I on Halloween a couple years ok? I was an 80's chick with legwarmers, blue eyeshadow, side pony, leggings and a jean skirt. Oh and a ripped T shirt off my shoulder.

Heather said...

Yeah Jen but that was Halloween! Sounds like this lady was serious. That is frightening.

Amber said...

I think that it is awesome that we can say that we remember the 80's! And yes Jen Halloween ....what memories!

Pretty funny story. I wonder if she was just crazy or she knew someone who lived there named Michelle? Who knows!

Amber said...

It says that I posted at 1:17AM

Believe me I will be asleep at that time. Blogger is so smart. It says your time there in Cleveland! I just noticed that.

Chanel said...

SADIE!! I love you kiddo!
That makes me laugh sooo hard! I can just picture her yelling at that lady.
Hmmmm, that lady- fun stuff!
Can't wait for Crazy Clevelander, Part 2!

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