Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Do you ever watch this show? We have been without television since February of last year, but we are actually able to pick up the local channels here in Cleveland. So, I watched Supernanny last night while Dylan was putting Sadie to bed.

There was a little 3 yr. old girl on this episode that threw the worst tantrums. It reminded me so much of Sadie. But I kept thinking, "oh, that's a lot like Sadie...except Sadie's not THAT bad." True, Sadie may not be as horrific as that little girl on the show, but I was able to learn a few things & may even try to catch the show in the future so perhaps I can learn a few more things.

Here are my goals:

*Spend more one-on-one time with Sadie. This is especially important since Claire has joined the scene. I think Dylan & Sadie would benefit from this as well.

*Include her with caring for the needs of the baby. Have her get the diaper for me. Help me dress her, etc.

*Start working (again) on getting Sadie to go to bed on her own, so that Dylan & I can have some time together in the evenings. I think we need to introduce something into the routine that will help her calm down & unwind before going to bed. HELLO! Reading a book together.

Anyway, just some thoughts I needed to get down.


Amber said...

I have watched that show before too & it gives you some good ideas.

And I think those are some good goals you have! I know that it has made bedtime a lot easier now that we have the boys on a schedule.

Ipuna said...

I love setting goals. That is what I am doing today! You sound like you have some great goals to work on.

I like Super Nanny. I think I learn things when I watch it.

Happy Anniversary to you and Dylan!

Michelle said...

I like watching Super Nanny once in a while too. I learned something on that show that I think I use quite a bit. She called it "engage and walk away." It's just like it sounds... get the child interested in something and then let her play so you can get something done. Now I just have to remind myself to engage and play with them more too. Being a Mom is such a balancing act.

Chanel said...

i loved engage and walk away michelle! got that from SN too!

Oh candace welcome back to television! It is a joyous world.

Ryan doesn't like me to watch SN b/c he thinks it gives Julia ideas on how to be naughty. Hmm?

Amber said...

Sometimes I think that those bad kids on that show are only acting like that because there is a tv crew in their living room! Are there really kids that are that bad???

Caitlin said...

Russell hates it when I watch that show - those naughty kids drive him crazy.

The Fellers said...

I love Supernanny....Shon mocks me...but I dont care. There are a lot of good tips and pointers....I think it is one of the more valuable shows out there...

DCAja said...

very nice post!

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