Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Taking a Break

I'm taking a break from blogging for a little bit. My delivery of Claire was really rough. Labored all day, really with everything going very well. When it came time to push, the baby's heart rate kept dropping really low with each contraction. The doctor all the sudden wanted her out immediately. Vacuum & forceps & then a decision to go immediately for an emergency c-section. Lots of tears from Dylan & I as I waited to hear this baby's cry....worried she may not make it. After that the process of stitching me back up took a really long time. I thought for sure that I had ruptured my uterus & that this would be my last baby.

Lots of blood lost that first night & I was in pretty bad shape. My oxygen levels kept dropping low when I'd fall asleep. Lots of people worried about me, including my doctor who told me that he couldn't sleep at all that night because he was worrying about me.

I did get a tear in my uterus as they were pulling the baby back out from the birth canal. Luckily it could be repaired & I am alright to have future pregnancies. My bleeding slowed through the night & I didn't have to go back in for another surgery. Recovery has been pretty quick considering all that happened & I'm now in Las Vegas for the week, recovering & getting help from my mom. I wouldn't have survived this last week & all that needed to be done for the move to Ohio without my mom.

Thanks for all the positive comments about our sweet baby girl. I will be back sometime soon & will be coming to you from Ohio!


The Fellers said...

Oh Candace, I wish you the best of luck. That must have been hard, but you are a strong woman....way to go!! Good luck with the recovery, and with the move!! Look forward to your return!!

Amber said...

I can't wait to see you guys & to meet Claire!
And I am excited to see your new place and hear all about Ohio!!

cbhoff said...

I am so glad you and the baby are okay. I had no idea it was so rough (understatement). Thanks for telling us what happened, my mind was just wondering with ideas of what had happened. We are still keeping you in our prayers hoping you make a quick recovery. Again, I am so glad you two are alright! Lots of love from Chicago!!!

Michelle said...

Hi Candace,
I just called Chanel to get the number at your Mom's house. I'd like to come by if it's ok to see you and the girls. Chanel wasn't home but when I get it I'll give you a call.
I can't believe you had to go through so much. Glad you're doing well now.

Chanel said...

whaaaa! I want to see you!!!! Seriously hold out in Vegas for liek three weeks, you'll be so well rested then and Dylan can wait right??
Im kidding! I better call Michelle!
I'll be calling you too!
LOVE YA and Praying for all you!!

ashley said...

so my interent has not worked and i have been dying to know how things went...so sorry to hear that it was a rough delivery, but i am happy to hear that you are getting better quickly. and happier that you will be able to have future kiddies.
that is great that you are at your moms- moms are the best after a baby is born. she is an adorable baby and i hope all goes great from hear on out!

Ipuna said...

I am so glad you guys are OK considering everything you both went through. If you need anything, I am just a phone call away as well.

Jen Rose said...

I am so glad to hear that you are ok! Claire is so sweet and I am so excited to meet her tomorrow! I added you to my links. Hope that is ok!

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