Friday, June 29, 2007

Come Back my Little Peace of Mind

Heard results from Claire's blood work today. Everything looks "amazing". That's the word the doctor used. She is not anemic. Does not have a thyroid problem. Her blood count is great. Just waiting for one more thing. Records from her tests done in the hospital to make sure she doesn't have cystic fibrosis.

Holding my breath & hoping all is well. And through it all this little girl just smiles nonstop. She smiled for a couple strangers today at the grocery store.

She is taking well to the formula & we've got a lot of burps, spit up & stinky farts happening.


Michelle said...

I know how scary it is waiting to get results back. They were worried that Avry had cystic fibrosis when I was pregnant with her but thankfully I wasn't a carrier for it so she couldn't have it. I'm sure Claire is fine. I think it's a good sign that Claire was born a good size. I hope all is well with her. She is such a sweet baby.

Patti said...

Glad she's okay. Her face is sweet and I can see her sister's face in it . . . I love that.

Your pictures of her are great.

ashley said...

wow...candace, sending you good vibes...glad to hear that things turned out "amazing" with the blood work. claire looks so sweet, i can't believe how little she is!

Chanel said...

peace of mind will be back soon, Im sure she's fine, she just needs some FAT. :) It had to feel great to hear her blood work was amazing! Its also so good she's taking to the formula- stinky farts probably never smelled so good! (yuck I know!)

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