Thursday, June 21, 2007

Easy Tiger

I would be lying if I said that I wasn't more than a little excited about this new album from Ryan Adams. But can it beat my all time favorite from him?

Ryan's music is my kind of country music & he is my absolute favorite male voice out there. Coming in right behind him are Jeff Tweedy of Wilco & M. Ward. Two more amazing voices.

Go ahead. Give 'em a listen.


Dylan said...

I like that song, but do you think it kind of sort of sounds a whole lot like (my favorite track on Gold) "Harder Now That It's Over"?

I'm sorry if I ruined this song for you.

Also, I had fun on our porch date.

Candace said...

yes, dyl. you're right. it does sound like "harder now that it's over". but you didn't ruin it.

I'm really excited for this album. but i don't know if it will wow me. we'll see....!!!

also, i had fun on the porch date too.

Caitlin said...

I have this Wilco podcast and there is a Jeff Tweedy video on there. He sings "The Thanks I Get" it's so good - you have to find it. So good.

Chanel said...

its weird seeing ryan adams and you're not talking about THE ryan adams.

Anonymous said...

Ok... I almost pee'd my pants about Joe (Oh yes, what a look). And, isn't it the best to listen to the same album over and over again!!!???!!! Bry, can't stand it, but it has always been the best... so you learn every word and note.

Miss you guys. I swear I will go to the Post Office one day.


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