Thursday, June 21, 2007

Porch Date

I was talking to my friend Laurel a little while back and she mentioned something she & her husband had discussed on one of their "porch dates". "Do you ever do that?" she asked. Like it's the most common thing, only I'd never heard of it.

Once the kids go to bed, you go out on the porch & sit on your lawn chairs & have a little date.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day & since Dylan had a scouts activity he had to go to in the evening & we couldn't get out & do something as a family, we figured it would be the perfect night for our first porch date.

Cool thing about porch dates is you can wear your pajamas & eat a bowl of cereal together & take crazy pictures in the dark.


Chanel said...

thats the coolest thing ever! Im all over it, except replace cereal with ICE CREAM! (And probably freaking steamed broccoli for Ryan!)

Jenny + Mark = Love said...

First off, I love cereal at all times of the day, and second, I love this idea. We have a pond behind our place and we can sit and listen to the frogs croak like crazy! Thanks for the idea.

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